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New Synagogue Says Hello

Woodford Liberal and Bet Tikvah Synagogues say hello to 2017 by transforming into East London and Essex Liberal

17 January 2017 | Lara Keay | Woodford Essex Guardian

TWO synagogues said goodbye to more than just 2016 on New Year’s Eve as they prepared to form a brand new community together.

On the final Sabbath of 2016 (December 31) members of Woodford Liberal Synagogue in South Woodford and Bet Tikvah Synagogue in Newbury Park met for the last time as two separate congregations.

After a vote in September to “ensure the survival” of the community, the two synagogues officially became the East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue on January 1.

As a way of saying goodbye to the old synagogues, which were established over 50 years ago, members celebrated with a musical service followed by a doughnut-filled Kiddish.

Woodford Liberal Rabbi Richard Jacobi said: “We had a wonderful service across the generations, accessible to all and enjoyed by everyone.

“We marked the final Shabbat before becoming part of East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue with joy, dignity and celebration.”

The new community is still working on securing a new venue for its 700 members.


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