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Ben Glassman writes:

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Organising the High Holy Days is always a huge undertaking, but this year, with a new community and two new venues, it was on another level. Everything needed to be considered again from scratch – and sometimes reconsidered again when our  initial decisions didn’t prove that popular!

Now that they’re successfully over I wanted to thank just some of the people without whom things wouldn’t have run anywhere near as smoothly as they did.

Of course the rabbis get mention in pride of place for sitting through months of meetings, planning every detail from scratch, having to come up with innovations for a host of new situations, and yet still putting up with last-minute developments and changes right up until the final moments.

But there were many others who turned the High Holy Days into a reality:

For finding venues for both days

Most members of Council for suggesting locations; both rabbis and Elliott Porte for looking around the possibilities, and David Gold for subsequent visits and Sharon Law for insider guidance.

For transporting things where they need to be

Foremost Simon Benscher for providing a van for the majority of the schlepping (including being behind the wheel for much of it personally) alongside a bigger team than I know and can thank, but with significant missions undertaken by: Peter Ordever, Gideon Forbes, Gary Freedman, Stewart Spivack, Russell & Harriet Simmons, David Gold, Jonny Hurst and Bob Kamall.

The choir

A formidable undertaking led by Mich Sampson, Harvey Manning, Hannah Jacobi and Tracey Grant – and involving a huge number of choristers I won’t dare attempt to name – for coming together and merging two very well-established traditions in a very short time to produce a vital musical dimension to the service that received acclaim from a huge number of people.


Extensively designed (and redesigned) and printed and delivered by Judy Toffell.

Honours letters and administration

A huge undertaking by Stewart Spivack with much valuable advice from Caroline Charles.


Organised and led by David Gold, Fiona Hancock, Caroline Wimbourne, Mel Millenbach, Paul Benscher and too many others to mention, keeping the rest of us safe.


Undertaken uncomplainingly by Peter Ordever and Tina Gold throughout, with help from almost a dozen others offering to sit at the desk over the four days to ease the weightload.

Huge amounts of photocopying

By Anne and Donna.


Supplied and arranged by Russell Holbourns and Lynn Silverstone.

Kiddush for Rosh Hashannah

Hundreds of apples cut and kilos of honey cake prepared by Merle Muswell, Alice Wilcock, Ruth & Stewart Spivack and Jacqui Morrison among others.

Tots’, children’s and family services

Cheder head teacher Rachel Kamall, with extensive help from Cheder staff: Sasha, Ezra, Leah and Isabelle. Together with former staff members and past or present parents: Nathan Faber-Baruch, Josh Newham, Philippa Newham, Abigail Jacobi, Lyn Jacobi, Hannah Jacobi, Leanne Green, Lisa Reynolds, Helen Rose, Sharon Law and Sharon Pinhas.

Shiur leading

By Anthony Twyman.

Yizkor List

Names collated by Gary Freedman, Elliott Porte, Richard Jacobi, Nathan Faber-Baruch and Rachel Kamall.

More Food

Shirley Forbes for supplying, and Kayleigh & Joshua Hurley for preparing, the food and drink for the end of Yom Kippur – no pleasing job 23 hours into the fast.

And, finally

Rachel Kamall and Nathan Faber=Baruch for rushing out to buy some Palwin’s No 10 in Neilah when I realised I’d forgot to bring some for havdallah (even though I did have it on my list!)

Thanks to you all for your help this year and wishing you a happy and healthy 5778.

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