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All Members Meeting

East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue

Open Meeting for members – February 26th 2017

10.30 am Perryman’s Farm Road

Dear members,

By the date of this meeting we will be two months in to our new community. The Interim Council and the working parties have been busy pulling together the religious, social and business practices of both legacy synagogues to create one single entity.

This meeting is an opportunity for us to talk to you about some of the things that are happening. More importantly, we would like to hear your thoughts on how things are progressing and what you think needs to happen over the next few months; some of the topics we would like to cover are:

  • Events & Communications: We want to discuss our wider membership engagement including our new website, use of social media, weekly emails, our social events (including how we publicise events) and your ideas or wishes for our new magazine.
  • Property: We would like members to talk to us about their expectations for our new home, what should we look for, where could we look and what do you want to see in a new synagogue building.
  • Finances: Your chance to speak with your appointed Treasurer’s about fees, finances, fundraising etc.
  • Membership: An opportunity to discuss all issues relating to membership of EL2 including burial scheme options; and care & welfare services
  • Education & Legacy: A chance to discuss Adult Education and our Cheder or other youth programmes; also plans for a ‘legacy project
  • Services, Shabbat & Yom Tovim: Tell us what you like about services, the types & variations in the services we offer, your thoughts about the scope for further experimentation, etc.
  • How’s It Going: This is for you to tell us how well (or badly) you think the unification of our two legacy communities is going and to raise any questions or other matters not covered by the above!

Members of the Interim Council will spend a few minutes with small group discussions to get as many views and ideas as possible to help us in the development of EL2.

The second part of the meeting will focus on the choice of a Hebrew name for the community. Ideas will then be considered by the Executive Group with a final decision being made by the Interim Council.

Meeting Schedule:

  • 10.30 – Refreshments
  • 11.00 – Welcome & Update from Interim Council
  • 11.20 – Group discussions led by members of Interim Council
  • 12.00 – Discussion of Hebrew Name – Introduction by the Rabbis
  • 12.30 – Collection of ideas
  • 12.45 – Meeting ends

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

With best wishes,

Shirley Forbes and Bob Kamall

Co-chairs, Interim Council

3 thoughts on “All Members Meeting

  1. “Attached to this letter are details of the topics we would like to cover” — I did not receive the attachment. Please could you re-send. Thank you.

    1. Ruth
      Sorry – the attachment got missed in transferring the text from an email onto the website. I will amend/correct the details.

  2. Dear all,
    I think the new Hebrew name for our synagogue should be ETZ CHAJIM = tree of life.

    1. Because ETZ is the word for tree and forest and wood (>woodford)
    2. Because ETZ CHAJIM has the number 228 = baruch = blessed
    3. Because we have in our synagogue on the synagogue wall itself the tree of life
    4. I would also note that in the United States there are at least two synagogues called Tree of Life one in Pittsburgh and the other in South Carolina
    5. The tree of life itself has its substance in “community”, in our families, and in the wider society our community is part of .
    6. I would very much love to come to the meeting on Sunday but it coincides with having to go to the airport

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