Lunch & Learn

 Lunch and Learn sessions are new for Summer/Autumn 2020 hosted by Rabbi David Hulbert online on Zoom. They are shiurim, conducted on Zoom, but providing the opportunity for attendees to participate, share their ideas and reflections and also to learn as they are expertly steered through our ancient texts. Read on for more information about our sessions in September and October.

As we move into the month through the Autumn festivals, Rabbi David Hulbert will guide us as we explore rich and provocative texts that are most closely associated with the High Holy Days.

10th September: We will conclude our examination of the story of the prophet, Jonah, and his adventures and misadventures.

24th September: We will be considering the meaning of teshuvah; repentence or "returning".

8th October: This session will be based on the book of Ecclesiastes/Kohelet, which is read on the festival of Sukkot.

22nd October: During this session Rabbi David will introduce us to some his favourite tracts of Talmud.


Bring your own lunch, and Rabbi David will provide guidance through the learning with texts shared onscreen!

Links to these sessions will be shared in our weekly emails, but if you are not on the mailing list and would like to sign up, please In order to sign up,please contact Sam at