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Cheder Shavuot Art Project 2017

“A canvas is an arena in which to act”

Inspired by the doors from the ark at North London Progressive Synagogue, which are currently in the foyer area of Perrymans Farm Road, our Cheder children celebrated Shavuot by creating two large canvasses featuring the Ten Commandments.


It was Jackson Pollock (Wikipedia) who once said that A canvas is an arena in which to act – and the Cheder kids were encouraged to get creative on two large canvasses. They used the technique of Drip Painting (Wikipedia) – also favoured by Pollock – to spray and drip paint over the canvasses.


However, the canvases had been pre-prepared with lots of masking tape. So when the paint had dried and the masking tape removed, the text of the Ten Commandments was revealed in Hebrew.



The canvasses have now been temporarily hang at Marlborough Road ahead of the Shabbat Kabbalat Britannia (Facebook) service this weekend. It is hoped that we will find more permanent home when our new community has found its own new home.

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