Our Rabbis

Rabbi David Hulbert joined the community in 1989 making him one of the longest serving Rabbis in Liberal Judaism and, we believe, the longest serving congregational Rabbi in the London Borough of Redbridge. David is on the Executive Committee of the East London Three Faiths Forum, often co-leading their Holy Land Pilgrimages, and very active on interfaith matters

Rabbi Richard Jacobi joined the community in 2007 during the final year of his Rabbinic training at Leo Baeck College - an association that continues today as Head of Vocational Studies at the college. Richard comes from a Rabbinic family - Rabbi Harry Jacobi MBE being his father and Rabbi Dr Margaret Jacobi his sister - so he has been involved in Liberal Judaism all his life. He is active on social issues such as Refugees & Migration and the Living Wage campaign. He is currently co-chair of the LJ Rabbinic Conference and, as such, sits on the LJ Board of National Officers.

Both of our Rabbis attend Council meetings in an Ex Officio capacity.

Student Rabbi Daniela Touati is joining our Rabbinic team for 2017/18 academic year as part of her ongoing training at Leo Baeck college. As well as taking part in and leading some services, she will be looking for opportunities to get more involved in communal activities - including helping to establish a new Rosh Chodesh group.

Legacy & Interim Councils

Following the vote in favour of merging our legacy communities, officers and members of the elected Councils formed an Interim Council to oversee the process of completing the unification process and preparing the way for our first annual general meeting.

Shirley Forbes and Bob Kamall were co-opted as Co-Chairs of the Interim Council; and existing Treasurers worked together as Co-Treasurers. For a short while the existing Chairs continued as legacy chairs - mainly to formally complete any outstanding formalities including transfer of assets to the new community.

Election of Chair and New Council Members

It was hoped that the Legacy and Interim Councils would be a short term arrangement but completing all the legal formalities and dealing with aspects of the merger took longer than expected. However, as we approached the first anniversary of the creation of ELELS, it was decided that sufficient progress had been made to create a new single Council.

We were not yet ready to hold an Annual General Meeting - to do so would require presentation of accounts and these would not be ready for sometime - so an Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 14th January 2018. At that meeting, ELELS members elected a new Chair and Council - the Council being made up of existing members of the Interim Council and newly elected members of Council.

Company Directors

During early discussions about the potential of forming a new single community, it was agreed that were advantages in making the new community a private limited company by guarantee.

Following the decision to create a single community, it was agreed to proceed as a limited company and to name the company East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue Limited

For more information about who is on Council and who are the Company Directors see Who's Who.

East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue is a private limited company by guarantee, Company Number 10089003 - see also our Articles of Association

East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1171254