Who’s Who

Rabbinic Team:

  • David Hulbert
  • Richard Jacobi

Life Presidents:

  • Peter Benscher
  • Joe Swinburne

Company Directors:

  • Jonny Hurst*
  • Bob Kamall*
  • Alice Wilcock*

Community Chairs:

  • Shirley Forbes* - Co-Chair Interim Council
  • Bob Kamall - Co-Chair Interim Council
  • Gary Freedman* - Legacy Chair (Perrymans Farm Road)
  • Jonny Hurst - Legacy Chair (Marlborough Road)


  • Ashley Marks*
  • Mel Millenbach*
  • Tina Gold*

Interim Council:

  • Those marked with * above are all members of the Interim Council
  • Ben Glassman, Sharon Law, Merle Muswell, Elliott Porte, Stewart Spivack, Richard Stevens & Paula Sumray are also members of the Interim Council
  • The Rabbi's also attend Interim Council in an Ex Officio capacity

See Structure for more about the way we manage East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue