Joint Statement from Interim Council

First published on the WLS Website on 2nd November 2016

Joint Statement from the members of the Interim Council for the new community

2 November 2016

Since our last communication to you we are delighted that there has been such a positive response to all the activities that are now taking place to help us form our new community.  

New Community Name

Following consultation with members over the High Holy Days and at the Community Focus Group Meeting on 19 October, both existing synagogue councils came up with a shortlist of names for the new community which were subsequently considered by the Interim Council. At a meeting of the Interim Council on 31 October 2016, it was unanimously agreed that the English/legal name of the new community will be East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue. The Interim Council would like to thank all members for their excellent suggestions over the last month, which will now enable the team to proceed with the many and complex administrative steps which need to be completed in order for the new community to be ‘up and running’ by 1 January 2017. East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue will also take a Hebrew name and design a new logo, which will be determined at a later date. 

We hope that we will soon be sending all future communications out under the new heading.

10 and 31 October 2016: Meetings of the Interim Council

At the first meeting of the Interim Council it was agreed that it would be led by co-Chairs Shirley Forbes and Bob Kamall as the synagogue Chairs are committed to their work with the respective synagogues until at least January 2017.  The role and functions of the Interim Council will be reviewed at a general meeting for members on the morning of 26 February 2017, full details of time and venue will be published shortly.

The Interim Council has also set Terms of Reference which outline the work of the Interim Council and the reporting structures to the separate synagogue councils.  The TOR establishes several working parties and task the Interim Council with drawing together the functions and processes of both synagogues into a unified structure.  The full text of these Terms of Reference can be found on the website and blog of the respective synagogues.  

The meetings have taken reports from the existing groups, which are detailed below and following the meeting on 31 October have started the process of establishing the remaining groups.  

18 October 2016: R&P The main task facing the R&P group is the location of possible venues for the Communal Seder and the High Holy Days in 2017.  The separate service rotas will become a single rota fully effective from 1 January 2017, although services will be offered at both sites.  R&P have also proposed that the first weekend services in January 2017 will both be joint services.  

R&P also proposed that from this point onwards the legacy synagogues are known by their addresses (Perryman’s Farm and Marlborough Road) rather than synagogue names.

18 October 2016: Finance Treasurers are making progress towards establishing the projected income and expenditure for the new community.  Their proposal which has been accepted by the Interim Council, subject to agreement from the administrators is that the Perryman’s Farm Road office becomes the main administrative office for the new community as it is larger than the office at Marlborough Road.

18 October 2016: Social Events Plans are in place for the Barn Dance and for a quiz early in 2017.  The Interim Council has asked the group to arrange some smaller events which will allow members of the two communities to meet and socialise without necessary being fund-raising events.

19 October 2016: Community Focus Group This meeting was well attended and focussed on the new name for the community and the need for volunteers to join working parties to help develop our new synagogue.  

The current decision making structure was explained – that the Interim Council has delegated authority from the two elected Councils to carry out the unification of the two communities but for the time being final authority rests with the elected councils.  This process will be reviewed regularly but is expected to continue until the first AGM of the new community.

27 October 2016: Property Action Group A very successful first meeting the Property Action Group has started to explore the potential value of the two sites and starting the search for a new building based on demographic surveys carried out by the MPMC.  The group will be chaired by Darren Green.

Meetings for the following groups are currently being arranged:

  • Adult Education – Shirley Forbes to lead
  • Cheder – First meeting on 10 November
  • Magazine/Publicity – Bob Kamall to lead

Existing group chairs have been asked to contact members who signed up to help at the Community Focus Group meeting.

The next meeting of the Interim Council will take place on 21 November.  If members would like to raise any matters with the Interim Council please contact either of the Co-chairs.

Shirley Forbes and Bob Kamall
Co-Chairs, Interim Council


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