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Letter from Yad LaKashish

The following letter (sent via email) has been received from Yad LaKashish, one of the beneficiaries from our High Holy Days appeal.

I would like to thank you again for the generous support and vote of confidence extended to Yad LaKashish by the East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue. Your new friendship enabled us to provide unique and vital services to hundreds of needy elderly every day.

Amongst the 270 elderly who benefit from meaningful work opportunities at Yad LaKashish every day, there is a special group of 11 artisans who are over the age of 90, who continue to participate five days a week.

The 90+ Club is unique. Most of these men and women have been at Yad LaKashish for many years, some more than 20. We are inspired by their courage and determination, overcoming physical and mental health challenges every day to come to work at Yad LaKashish.

I am quite certain that their longevity and quality of life has been positively impacted by the empowered lifestyle they live with the help of Yad LaKashish and you!

Thank you for helping to create a community which empowers dignity for all the artisans at Yad LaKashish, especially those in the 90+ Club.

I am honored to attach the stories of 4 of our 90+ artisans.

Looking forward to strengthening the warm relationship with your community and hosting you at Yad LaKashish some time soon!

With appreciation,


Ariela (Relly) Schwartz-Zur

Executive Director

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