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Perrymans Farm Road – A Celebration of the Past and Future

Special Shabbat Service – Saturday 6th January 2018

A Celebration of the Past and Future

As we come close to the sale of our Perrymans Farm Road (PFR) site, we invite all members of ELELS to a day of celebration to mark the closure of the building as we take the first step towards moving together into a new building. This will be a special day to celebrate the legacy and history of BPS/BT and we would be delighted if you would join us from 11.00 am.

For many of us who have been members of Barkingside Progressive Synagogue, and latterly Bet Tikvah, this is an occasion that will stir many emotions, some fond memories, some feelings of trepidation and perhaps sadness for those of us who were here in the early days.

At this service we will honour our founding members, including Larry Peters, Joe Swinburne z”l, Harold Miller z”l, Barry Lautman z”l, Bob Summerbell z”l, and Freddie Gold z”l. With their vision and inspiration, we created a Shul with, at that time, one of the largest religion schools in the ULPS. Our very existence was marvelled at by many in the ULPS Family as we grew from being a curiosity into one of the leading congregations in the Union.

Those of us who were there at the start will recall the feelings of excitement as we set about turning an old school art block into a local place of Jewish worship. Sundays, it seemed like forever, were spent bricklaying, chipping concrete off the walls (our kids loved that), painting the outside of the building (kids again), pointing the brickwork (adults), polishing anything that was metal and painting anything that didn’t move (everyone).

We hope you will help to us fill the Shul, with yourselves, your children and their children to say a HUGE farewell in the best Jewish tradition.

The Rabbis and Council look forward to seeing you at some point during the day.

Schedule for the day

  • 11.00 am – 12.30 pm: Morning Service
  • 12.30 pm – Kiddush, followed by Chavurah Lunch and Exhibition/Archive available in the shul
  • 2.00/2.15 pm – Panel interviews
  • 3.15 pm – Afternoon tea
  • 4.00 pm – Mincha, leading on to Havdallah and closing ritual

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