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Service for the Tree of Life Synagogue Community in Pittsburgh

Last night ELELS hosted a special service of prayers and reflections following the horrific events at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Members of our congregation were joined by members of other local Jewish congregations and also from the local Muslim community.

The service was led by Rabbi Richard Jacobi with contributions from Rabbi Lisa Barrett (SWESRS) and included the following prayer led by members of the Faizan-e-Islam Centre of Excellence in Walthamstow:

Our sincere prayers and thoughts are with all our Jewish brothers and sisters who lost their lives and those who were injured tragically in the Pittsburgh terrorist attack. We pray that the Almighty shows mercy, gives full recovery to those injured and the families that have been effected are able to draw strength, love and patience from the peace loving communities living amongst them and from those around the world.

We speak on behalf of the billions of peace loving Muslims in the world, we are totally outraged at this despicable act of terrorism and we want our brothers and sisters from the Jewish faith to know that we too are in mourning, we stand together united, shoulder to shoulder with you at this tragic time.

We condemn all forms of Anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred against our brothers and sisters in the fight to eliminate Anti-Semitism, hatred against any community as well as those who are being oppressed.

We pray hard to the Almighty, that the law who are there to uphold justice will be utilised against the perpetrators of this terrorist act, that justice is done and very soon.

His Eminence Shaykh Ghulam Rabbani
Faizan-e-Islam Centre of Excellence

As was noted in our previous blog post Responding to PittsburghOur task is to respond with renewed resolve and commitment to our core values” – core values shared by peace loving people of all faiths or none united by their outrage at these tragic events. This weekend ELELS, along with other congregations across Liberal Judaism, will reflect further on these tragic events as part of the #ShowUpForShabbat initiative.

One thought on “Service for the Tree of Life Synagogue Community in Pittsburgh

  1. A most moving and meaningful service made particularly special as it was not only attended by members of EL&ELS and other synagogues but also Muslim and Christian worshippers.

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