Tikkun Leyl Shavuot Programme- 28/5/20

Join us for an exceptional Tikkun Leyl Shavuot on Thursday 28th May when we will be collaborating with a number of other progressive and Masorti Synagogues from across the UK to bring you a range of activities for the whole family starting at 11am with cheesecake baking and continuing with singing, praying, playing and learning until 11 o'clock at night!  

Links to join the sessions will be sent out by the communities involved. If you would like to attend and are seeking the links, contact administrator@elels.org.uk.

We will also be providing links to learning sessions hosted by other LJ communities over the course of the evening, so watch this space for those.

See the info below for more information about each session as we have it, or click to see the poster. 

Note that Rabbi Richard Jacobi will be leading the Family Service, and Mich Sampson will be facilitating a Tots and singing session. Other participating communities include SWESRS, Sukkat Shalom, New Essex Masorti, Sha'arei Tsedek North London Reform Synagogue, Southend and District Reform, Cardiff Reform, Bristol & West Progressive Jewish Congregation, Liverpool Reform Synagogue and South London Liberal Synagogue.



11am - Let’s Bake Cheesecake! Led by Rabbi Monique Mayer from Bristol & West Progressive Jewish Congregation

In the tradition of preparing and eating dairy products on Shavuot, here’s an opportunity to make a delicious treat for the Festival. We’ll bake together in real time and—all being well—will produce a really yummy dessert to eat in celebration!

The suggested recipe and alternatives for the cheesecake can be found here on this page.

4.45 pm - Tots Shavuot story and song time
Led by Mich Sampson

7.00 pm
1) How is the Torah like mother’s milk?
Led by Rabbi Zahavit Shalev, New Essex Masorti

In this session Rabb Shalev will discuss some interesting stories which compare Torah to mother’s milk and talk about how Jewishness is transmitted including the relationship between babies and their mother’s breasts, wet nursing, and the vexed question of weaning. BYOC (Bring your own cheesecake)

2) Songs of Torah and Togetherness

Sing-along led by Mich Sampson

Mich has created a song list for the session which can be downloaded from this link. She recommends that those joining the session print the sheet so to avoid the distraction of the words being shared on the screen.

8.00 pm—Family Erev Shavuot Service and activity
Led by Rabbi Richard Jacobi, ELELS

Break for tea / coffee and cheesecake

9.00 pm ‘The Seventy Languages of the Jews’
Led by Dr Lily Kahn, Reader in Hebrew and Jewish Languages at UCL

This talk will introduce you to the rich variety of languages spoken and written by Jews over the past three thousand years, including not only well-known Jewish languages like Hebrew, Yiddush, and Ladino, but also less familiar ones like Chinese, Georgian, and Malayalam, all of which have a fascinating Jewish story to be told. No prior knowledge of linguistics is assumed.

10.00 pm
1) 'Ruth and the other Messianic Mothers'
Study session led by Student Rabbi Tali Artman and Rabbi Warren Elf, Southend and Liverpool Reform Synagogues

2) Trees of Life: Poetry and Papercutting
Led by Rabbi Lisa Barrett, SWERS and Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu, Sha'arei Tsedek

Connecting the trees of our own lungs, the trees in our forests and the Torah, our Tree of Life. Please bring paper, scissors, and coloured pens.

For more information about our services, please email administrator@elels.org.uk.