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We Believe in Israel is launching an Activists’ Academy for young professionals. Their first event is on Wednesday 29th May.

Professor Colin Shindler (who is the Pears Senior Research Fellow in Israel Studies at SOAS) will be speaking on “What Zionism is and isn’t”.

About the Activists’ Academy

The Activists’ Academy is a series of eight educational and training events during 2019 and 2020. Activists’ Academy events will explore in depth the current debate about Israel in the UK, how it links to antisemitism and how activists can get involved to help make a positive difference.

The Activists’ Academy is being launched in recognition of events in the last few years, which have demonstrated an unprecedented wave of antisemitism that has placed Israel at its heart. It is therefore more important than ever to develop a deep understanding of Zionism, Israel’s political and security dilemmas, the search for peace and crucially how we can conduct a constructive discussion about Israel and the Palestinians in the UK.

The Activists’ Academy will explore these issues and help you develop practical communications and campaign skills.

Working together with BICOM, the programme will be delivered by the best presenters and experts and include meetings with communal leaders and professionals working on these issues every day.

Activists’ Academy Audience

The group will be made up of young professionals from a variety of backgrounds and will include Jewish and non-Jewish participants. It will be pluralistic in terms of welcoming participants with a range of views and backgrounds.

Activists’ Academy sessions will be conducted with mutual respect for all participants, their views and backgrounds. It will be devoted to pluralism, open inquiry, empathy and the need to explore the background and motivations of those involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

All sessions will be held on weekday evenings, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, in or near Central London, with refreshments provided.

Event Booking

If you would like to attend the first event on 29th May sign up using this link: https://www.webelieveinisrael.org.uk/colin_shindler_event 

If you cannot attend the 29th May event but would like to know more about other Activists’ Academy events, you can sign-up for information using the same link.

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