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First Bar Mitzvah

The East London And Essex Liberal Synagogue held its first Bar Mitzvah

25 January 2017 | Rachel Russell | Woodford & Essex Guardian

A new Synagogue held its first Bar Mitzvah at the weekend.

Community's First Bar Mitzvah
First Bar Mitzvah at East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue

The ceremony at The East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue took place on Shabbat Saturday, January 21.

Many of celebrants family and friends gathered to hear him read from the Torah.

After the ceremony, the congregation joined in with a Kiddush, a ceremony of prayer and blessing over wine, which was provided by the family.

The synagogue, which does not yet have a building, recently became the East London and Essex Liberal after Woodford Liberal, in South Woodford and Bet Tikvah, in Newbury Park merged together.

Rabbi Richard Jacobi said: “It was a wonderful morning an great to see three generations of the family taking part in the service.”

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