2018 Annual General Meeting

Our first ever Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday 7th June at Marlborough Road with, on a rough count of heads, over 60 members in attendance. The main purpose of the AGM being to:

  1. Approve the final accounts for the year ending 31st December 2017
  2. Take various reports from Council Officers and Committees or Sub-groups
  3. Elections for vacant posts on Council

Most of the reports were made available before the meeting, although there were some verbal reports given at the meeting, and members had the chance to answer questions after each report was formally presented.

You can now read the Draft Minutes of the Meeting – where you will also find links to all the reports both those pre-circulated and the ones given verbally at the meeting.

As a result of the elections held at the AGM the following changes were made to Council:

Role Name Date Elected Notes
Chair Stewart Spivack EGM 14/01/2018
Vice-chair Elliott Porte AGM 07/06/2018 After resignation of Shirley Forbes
Vice-chair Richard Stevens AGM 07/06/2018 After resignation of Bob Kamall
Secretary Jonny Hurst AGM 07/06/2018 Previously vacant
Co-Treasurer Tina Gold EGM 14/01/2018
Co-Treasurer Ashley Marks EGM 14/01/2018
Co-Treasurer Mel Millenbach AGM 07/06/2018
Council Philip Aston EGM 14/01/2018
Council Ben Glassman EGM 14/01/2018 Co-chair (with Elliott Porte) R&P
Council Michelle Levy EGM 14/01/2018
Council Jan Martin-Ellis EGM 14/01/2018
Council Merle Muswell EGM 14/01/2018 Membership Secretary
Council Josh Newham EGM 14/01/2018 Safeguarding Lead
Council Alice Wilcock EGM 14/01/2018


The meeting reappointed our auditor and delegate to the Board of Deputies of British Jews (as well agreeing to look into the appointment of a second deputy).

No resolutions had been formally made before the meeting begun, so the meeting closed at 10:15 pm


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