Legacy Communities

Woodford Liberal Synagogue

Woodford Liberal Synagogue

Established in 1960, Woodford moved into Marlborough Road in 1966. Rabbi Richard Jacobi joined the community in 2007 during the final year of his rabbinic training at Leo Baeck College.

Bet Tikvah Synagogue

Established in 1976, as a breakaway from the now dissolved North London Progressive Synagogue, Bet Tikvah moved into Perrymans Farm Road in 1981. Rabbi David Hulbert joined the community in 1989 making him one of the longest serving rabbis in liberal judaism.

Bet Tikvah Building

Unification & Protecting Our Past

In 2014, Stewart Spivack and Bob Kamall (who were then the chairs of Bet Tikvah and Woodford) held informal discussions about the future of the two communities. These talks led to the Councils of both communities seeking a mandate from their respective members to hold more formal discussions, leading to the unification of both communities - for more information see Unification FAQ

Having taken the decision to become one community, we recognise the need the capture the histories of our legacy communities. We are, therefore, planning to review the archives of both communities and, through an Oral History project, record for prosperity the collective memory of our communities.