ELELS Care Team

The word for community in Hebrew is kehilla. As a Synagogue, we aspire to be more than a community, but a kehilla kadosha- a holy or sacred community whose activities and programmes are reflections of Jewish principles and values. As it says in the Talmud, “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh la-zeh.” All of us are responsible for one another.

Although we had a Phone Tree in place, known as Keep In Touch, to connect to our most vulnerable members, we realised that in the quickly evolving circumstances of Covid-19, we needed to be able to reach out to our whole membership, of all ages, wherever they were, to get a sense of their wellbeing, provide support where needed and to help them to access our online programme.

For this reason, we put out a call for volunteers and have a new Care Team in operation including more than 50 members making phone calls, more than 20 who are making deliveries of groceries and medication, and others providing technical support or a further reassurng ear at the end of the phone.


Diagram showing how a community calling tree works

Feedback from our members has shown the value of our support effort, and we extend our thanks to our membership for pulling together as we have. With new volunteers emerging every week, and our members who are able involved in other support efforts such as Jewish Care, Mutual Aid and as NHS volunteers, ELELS has shown itself truly to be a community that cares.

If you require support, whether pastoral, procuring essential supplies, or other support, or if you are concerned for another member, please email our Care Team address at care@elels.org.uk. Alternatively, call 07745790869 to speak to our Chair, Stewart Spivack, who will happily assist or refer you to somebody who can help.