Chanukah- 8 Nights of Light at ELELS

The following is the schedule for ELELS Chanukah activities for 2020. Zoom links will be sent via email to our members or contact Sam Ly at

We are accustomed to guests joining us for Chanukah, whether for our childrens’ or main services and guests continue to be very welcome to join us online.

Night of Chanukah/ Date Candle Lighting Event Extra Information
1-Thursday 10th Dec 7pm candle lighting led by our Elevensies coffee & chat group
2- Friday 11th Dec 8pm Erev Shabbat Serviceincluding Human Rights Shabbat and Amy Bentham/Jack Lubner of Rene Cassin speaking about the plight of the Uyghur Muslims in China Human Rights Shabbat Service led by Rabbi Richard Jacobi
3- Saturday 12th Dec 4.45pm Tots Chanukah led by Mich Sampson, then….

5.20pm Communal Havdallah and candle lighting featuring the children of our Cheder led by Rabbi Richard Jacobi and Mich Sampson

4- Sunday 13th Dec 2.30pm Doughnut/Latke Cook-Along with Alice Wilcock. Click here for the list of ingredients.

7.15pm candle lighting then Quiz led by David/Tina Gold featuring Chanukah round

5- Monday 14th Dec 6pm candle lighting with Szim Salom, Budapest,Hungary led by Rabbi Richard Jacobi and Rabbi Katalin Kelemen with the communities of ELELS and Szim Salom.
6 Tuesday 15th Dec 6.30pm candle lighting and ‘Meet the LJ Chair’- with Ruth Seager A chance to ask your questions to Ruth, ELELS member and Chair of the Liberal Judaism movement.
7 Wednesday 16th Dec 7.15pm Candle lighting- including special Rosh Chodesh study session with Student Rabbi Eleanor Davis to which all are invited.
8 Thursday 17th Dec 4.30-5.30pm Chanukah Shelanu and Candle Lighting LJ Candle Lighting Celebration from 7.30-9pm


Links will be posted for these on the week of Chanukah. If you have any further questions, please contact our administrator, Sam Ly at