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From the Chair: A virtual cuddle….

Firstly, Ruth and I would like to wish you all a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year.

As we enter this year, we now find ourselves in national lockdown again due to the epidemic of Coronavirus that we have had for almost ten months. However, this time, we do have the vaccine beginning to come on stream and already we know of some of our members who have received it.

These are difficult and distressing times for all of us, whether we live alone, with a partner, or with families. Each situation comes with its different stresses and strains. I just want to make sure that you all know that help in many forms is available from our wonderful community here at ELELS.

Throughout the past ten months, over 150 of our members have stepped forward to help others. With phone calls to enquire how each member is coping with their own situation, to helping with deliveries of shopping and medication, and to advice on technology and zooming services, contact has been made. These services are still very much available.

Please, please, if you feel a need for help, or just someone to chat to, let your community know. I can be contacted directly on 07745 790869, or you can email the Synagogue Office. (Although our Office is closed, our emails are monitored). Please do not suffer alone. The thing we most miss at the moment is just human contact, just maybe a ‘virtual’ cuddle. Our volunteers are ready to offer that contact, and possibly put you in touch with the help you may need.

In our weekly email message, you will see details of the vast array of events we are putting on in the next few weeks. From quizzes to talks, cookery classes to Hebrew language courses, and from our ever invaluable Elevensies to background talks on Eastenders (the TV show, not the area!!) We offer a very, very wide source of education and entertainment. Of course, our Shabbat and festival services are still there!!

Our wonderful new, and record breaking sized HaGesher magazine is attached, and thanks to Claire Bone for editing this great edition.

Most of all, please take care, and if, at any time, you feel a bit down, please let us know. It is quite acceptable to feel bad at this time and please make contact with us.

Very best wishes, and again, a Happy and Healthy New Year

Stewart Spivack (ELELS Chair)

5th January 2021

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