Mayor Gurdial Bhamra & Rabbi David Hulbert
Councillor Gurdial Bhamra, Mayor of Redbridge, & Rabbi David Hulbert
Living Wage
Rabbi Tania Sakhnovich, Rachel Reeve MP & Rabbi Richard Jacobi

Formed by the mutual decisions of the members Bet Tikvah and Woodford Liberal Synagogues to create a single community. We want to build a vibrant, lively new community for like minded Jews living in East London, Essex and neighbouring areas.

Both of our Legacy Communities were members of Liberal Judaism the dynamic cutting edge of modern Judaism. As such we too espouse those same Liberal Jewish values - proud of being welcoming, inclusive, forward looking and liberally minded while valuing our Jewish Heritage.

We will build on our Jewish Heritage, respect the history of our legacy communities, and develop a meaningful new community based in the London Borough of Redbridge - but serving the wider geographic area. We are open to all Jews, their partners and families - whatever your age, previous involvement in Judaism, ability or disability, gender or orientation. Come and join us in building our new community.

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