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Welcome to ELELS

ELELS is a welcoming community and we are very happy to answer your questions. We understand that the first step is very often the hardest, and we will do our best to support you with your enquiries.

For enquiries about membership including our Burial Scheme, please contact or call us at the office on 07745790869 (Our Chair, Stewart Spivack). We will answer your questions, take you through the process and connect you with the right people, whether our Rabbis, our Cheder Head Teacher, Tots leader or other members of the community who can help.

ELELS offers the following range of memberships:

  • Full Membership – family or single
  • Friend Membership – for non-Jewish partners of full members
  • Associate Membership- for close associates/supporters of our community
  • Young ELELS Membership- for people aged 21-30 who receive a discounted membership rate

Non-Jewish spouses of full members are welcome to be included in family memberships as Friend Members and to be included in the ELELS Burial Cremation and Funeral Expenses Scheme.

Children are included in the membership of their parents up until the age of 21 when they may become members in their own right.

Please contact us for our fee structure and any other useful information.

Downloading our Membership Forms

To download our Membership Forms, which would need to be printed and sent back to us, please click on this link. Note that there are three form on this link;

  • Adult member forms (for joint applications, please complete ‘Adult 1’ and ‘Adult 2’ forms)
  • Young Person member forms (This is where the names and details of children should be filled in, if appropriate)
  • Associate Membership (for supporters of our community)/Friends Membership (for non-Jewish partners of full members)/Young ELELS Membership (for those between 21 and 30 who receive a discounted membership rate)

Whichever forms are filled in, please complete the Declaration on page 5.

If you have any questions on filling in the forms, please contact or call us at the office on 07745790869 (you will reach our Chairman, Stewart Spivack).