Membership Offer

Get 10% discount from your membership fees for all new members that refer to ELELS – And they get 10% off too!

A college of images to illustrate various activities at ELELS

ELELS Celebrated 60 Years of Liberal Judaism in Redbridge in 2020, and so we are proud to present our membership discount offer until March 31st 2021.

Reasons to refer friends and family to ELELS, we are a community that:

  • Welcomes: Everyone Jewish or Jew-ish or wishing to explore Judaism regardless of Jewish knowledge, age, experience, gender or sexuality
  • Prays: Meaningful and accessible services on Shabbat and festivals throughout the year
  • Learns: Lifelong learning opportunities for all ages from tots to vibrant Cheder, bar/bat mitzvah and teens to our conversion classes, adult education sessions and programme of speaker events
  • Celebrates: Life cycle events such as baby blessings, bar/bat mitzvah and weddings
  • Supports: We are there for bereavement and for life’s harder times
  • Includes: We are fully egalitarian, services in Hebrew and English with special inclusive services for people with disabilities
  • Acts: Social action and interfaith projects in our local community as well as partnering with Liberal Judaism and organisations in Israel
  •  Cares: Friendship Club and In-Touch for our elderly members as well as a network of supportive and community spirited members
  • Enjoys: A range of social and culture events such as quizzes, concerts, trips abroad, theatre and exhibition visits, and even the odd barn dance!
  • Grows: Learning with each other and from each other


  • If you recommend someone to join ELELS in this sixtieth anniversary year, you will receive a discount on your own membership fees, and they will also benefit from a discount. The discount that the referring member receives will be the same as the discount for a new member/s. The discount for a new single member will be £35, and for a couple will be £69 (in both cases this is 10% of the membership fees for singles/couples)
  • This discount applies only for stated, published membership fees.
  • The discount applies to new member referred from publication of this offer 1/3/2020 to 31/03/2021. Discounts cannot be paid against referrals prior to this date.
  • The discounts will be applied to membership fees for the following year’s subscription. So, if a member refers somebody in 2021, they will receive the discount from their subscription in 2022.
  • If they stay members, then you both will also receive this discount for the following 2 years, (for 2023 and 2024).
  • If membership ends before the following year, then no discount will be applied.
  • For every new member you have recommended, you will receive this discount.
  • Only one member can receive this discount for each new joiner.
  • The discount does not apply to overage premiums due, or other contributions to the burial scheme.
  • To claim this discount
    • (A) you should send an email with the code ANNIV10 giving your name and the incoming member’s name to This email should precede the receipt of the membership form from the prospective member.
    • (B) When they join, they need to quote the name of the member who has referred them (if any).
  • Once (A) and (B) have both taken place, and the member has officially joined the community, the discount will be applied (in the following year).