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Light(s) at the end of the tunnel

This week has seen some good news regarding vaccines for the Coronavirus, and hopefully it gives us, indeed, light at the end of the tunnel. We all earnestly hope and pray that it will mark the start of the road back to normality for the world.

Here at ELELS, we will also see our lights lit this coming week. The eight nights of Chanukah, beginning Thursday 10th, will be marked each late afternoon or evening with communal candle lighting for our whole community on Zoom. The first lighting is led by our Elevensies Group, and our last, on Thursday 17th with Shelanu inclusive celebrations. Each night will give us the opportunity to come together with singing, candle lighting and I am sure some virtual doughnuts.

Our full Chanukah programme can be viewed by clicking here.

I really hope you will be able to join us, if not on all eight nights, then perhaps some of them to see our community celebrating this lovely and joyous festival.

The joy begins on this Shabbat morning, when Elliott Porte will lead a service marking the celebration of the 90th birthday of Jean Summerbell, who has been such a vital part of our community and was also a stalwart member at North London Progressive Synagogue.

Looking forward to all meeting up on screen, further details are all on this update, and please contact me for any further information, or for any queries, on 07745 790869

Chag Chanukah sameach, Shabbat Shalom, and take care

Stewart Spivack
(ELELS Chair-

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