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Lockdown 2.0, American Elections, the Exodus, and Us

One of the most famous British sporting commentary soundbites is of Kenneth Wolstenholme towards the conclusion of the 1966 World Cup final at Wembley: “They think it’s all over … it is now!” I’m guessing that many of you, like me, are wishing for that moment when we can say “It is now!”

You might be caught up in the elongated drama of the Presidential election in the USA, where a polarised electorate is ensuring that dramatic twists and turns will go on, probably through the rest of this month and beyond.

More of us will be feeling affected by the latest developments caused by the persistence of the Covid-19 virus and its impact on the public health – physical and mental, leading to consequential, and major impacts, on people’s jobs, financial security and general wellbeing.

When I am already tired, tetchiness and other negative responses in me can be very easily triggered. I’m guessing you might be similar. We know that the latest Coronavirus developments are catching us as nights lengthen, temperatures are dropping, and many of us are feeling “I’m done with this now, why isn’t it all over.”

Such feelings are natural in a traumatic time such as this. Acknowledge them, treat them with respect, and then we can move to more positive responses to this experience. Perhaps it is bashert that we are winding our way through the story of the exodus and travels across the wilderness during 5781. Like the Israelites, we might yearn to return to Egypt and pre-Covid times. Like the Israelites, we know that it isn’t an option to go back, so we have to travel forward. It is a perilous journey, one best attempted together, so that no individual or household travels alone, even though we have to physically distance and help save each other’s life by so doing.

Now, perhaps more than in March and April when this crisis first disrupted our lives so dramatically, we need to pull together and support each other. Thank you very much if you are among those who have already volunteered to help us in our latest initiative to care for everyone in our community. Over the coming few months, we want to be even more ELELS and we want everyone to feel more part of this Liberal Jewish community than ever before.

Let’s do even more:

  • ENGAGING – Believing in our members; no us and them, we are all “us”; WE are taking the initiative; We will share responsibility widely for “making this happen”.
  • LINKING – Creating and adapting ways for all our members to interact.
  • ENRICHING – Feeding body, mind and spirit through the crisis. No-one will feel or be excluded from our community due to Covid-19.
  • LEARNING – From and with our members, and the wider community (including best practice); adapting as we go; distributing leadership further.
  • SUPPORTING / SHARING – Anyone and everyone can give and receive support.

Shabbat shalom and all good wishes,

Rabbi Richard Jacobi

One thought on “Lockdown 2.0, American Elections, the Exodus, and Us

  1. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel, I am tired, really tired of all this stress, illness and predictions of gloom alongside the warnings of a long hard Winter in front of us. But the israelites got there in the end. I know we will, it’s the journey that’s daunting.

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