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Of Tax Returns and Trees!

For any self-employed person, 31st January is a well-known important deadline. Tax returns for the previous year must have been filed by then and a payment of tax owed made by the end of this first month of the new calendar year. I hope everyone in our community to whom this applies has met this deadline.

Tu Bishevat, which means 15th Shevat, fell yesterday, and is also associated with a tax year, for trees were given that birthday and after the fourth birthday of a fruit tree, biblical era farmers would bring forward the offering of their trees’ first fruits before then being able to benefit from the produce themselves.

Bringing both ideas together, please have any last-minute tax matters completed before 4pm on Sunday 31st January, so that you can join our celebration of Tu Bishevat jointly with our neighbouring (both geographically and Zoom-graphically!) Reform communities. We are still hoping to receive your photos, written-word pieces or songs uploaded to SmugMug (you can upload and view our collection of nature photos here), so that they can be shared on Sunday, thus adding to everyone’s fun as we celebrate the new year for trees!

Before Sunday, we have Shabbat services tonight, led by Rabbi David (which will also be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube), and tomorrow morning. The Family Service will be a joyous celebration of the learning and creativity of our Cheder children around the theme of Tu Bishevat – join us to be re-energised and inspired!

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Richard Jacobi

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