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As we approach winter and the clocks go back this coming weekend, it is clear that the so called ‘spike’ in coronavirus cases is having its effect across the country and here in our area of East London and Essex. We are now in the ‘Tier Two’ stage of local restrictions.

We cannot deny that the current restrictions will affect all our lives, particularly in a reduction of contact with friends, family and loved ones. Whilst meeting outside in a garden or a park was fine back in May or June, having a chat outside our homes in November as winter draws in, is a different matter.

At this time of year and with these restrictions in place, it is very easy to feel somewhat sad. At times, Ruth and I have both felt the same. We have benefited from the contact we have with the community, through our services and events, conversation, and also our participation in our daily weekday Elevensies sessions.

With that in mind, I would like to remind everyone that our Phone Tree is continuing to do its very valuable work. We remain in regular contact with many members for a variety of reasons. Some may have difficulty getting out for supplies and medication, some may have technical difficulties getting on Zoom or other social media, and some, probably the majority, just want to have a chat with one of our team.

If anyone feels they would like support, would like to be contacted for any reason, or knows of anyone who may benefit, please either contact or just call me on 07745 790869. Remember that at the moment, because of Covid restrictions, our Office in the shul building has very restricted opening hours, although we do our best to monitor closely all communications.

Meanwhile, I hope to see you at many of our forthcoming events, and I would like to draw particularly attention to the film and ‘In Conversation’ session from Naomi Joseph on Thursday evening. Naomi is one of our younger members and has made this award winning short film, ‘Criteria’, about her mixed race Jewish upbringing. It is fascinating, and will be followed by a Q&A led by Emma James, who is now Chair of our Inclusion Committee. Further information about the event can be found below but you may click here to watch the film.

Best wishes to all, and take care

Stewart Spivack – Chairman – 07745 790869

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