Come Shabbat with Me

Come Shabbat with Me are monthly Friday nights when members of our community host other members and guests for Friday night dinner. Groups have gathered from the similar localities, among different generations and as groups with similar interests eg young families.  Some events have included prayer, study and structured discussion- that has depended on the hosts and the participants. But, what all of our evenings have in common is that everybody brings a dish and we share a Shabbat meal with old friends and new.

Under lockdown, these events have become "virtual", but we've found that sharing a meal from the comfort of your own dining room table also works. People sign up, and they are assigned to a Zoom Breakout Room where they are greeted by a host, introductions are made, and the conversation flows from there.

See the poster above for our next CSWM event including the timetable. If you would like to join, just contact Sam at the office at If you have any questions contact Nick at