Shabbat Services

Communal prayers and services offer, to those who commit to them, life-affirming experiences. We welcome all individuals or families who wish to attend our services - we value the rich diversity of age, gender, orientations, background and interests.

Our range of services offer variety and provide many opportunities to explore judaism - what it means to be jewish, the history of our faith, our relationship with Israel, and how to make judaism relevant in a modern multi-ethnic world.


Family Service
Family Service

We have a range of Erev Shabbat and Shabbat morning services including:

  • Traditional services - using Siddur Lev Chadash the liberal jewish prayer book
  • Family Services - less formal services aimed at families of all ages
  • Tots Services - prayers, songs and activities for Tots (including their parents)
  • Study services - shorter services allowing time to study Torah and discuss its meaning or relevance to our world
  • Resouled services - based on the Shabbat Resouled services developed by Dean Staker at Finchley Progressive Synagogue, Rabbi led with support from musicians and choir
  • Shabbat Shelanu is an inclusive Shabbat Morning Service, designed to be
    accessible and sensitive to a variety of needs. The service is open to the
    entire community (members and non-members) and all ages are welcome.


Music at Tots Service
Music at Tots Service