Tomorrow will be a good day

This week, the nation mourned the loss of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who became a record fundraiser for the NHS at the age of 100. He lived a long and remarkable life. He fought in the second world war, had a great devotion to his country, and even appeared on Blankety Blank. His motto was, “Tomorrow will be a good day.”

There is no better saying to follow at the moment, as vaccines become more widely available, and the infection rates fall in our area. Of course, we must still remain careful, but can really begin to believe that, if not tomorrow, then very soon it will be a good day.

This week, we also held funeral and shiva services for our Life President, Peter Benscher z”l. Of course, this was a sad event for family, friends and all who knew Peter, but also gave a great reflection of a life well lived and enjoyed. He was fundamental in bringing Liberal Judaism to our area and such a vital part of our community. His opening remarks at the beginning of our last Erev Rosh Hashanah service, (which you can see by clicking here) were full of kindness and wisdom.

I hope you enjoy looking through this update, and look forward to seeing you all at the services and events mentioned. Thanks to all those who organise and participate in them. One of those events, the talk by Holocaust survivor Eva Clarke, took place at the same time as Peter’s shiva on Monday night. This extremely powerful and articulate talk was recorded, however, and can be viewed here.

Please also remember that, if at some point you do feel depressed through this current period of lockdown, you are not unusual. Many of us, deprived of being with people and maybe unable to leave our homes, become anxious and can be miserable. If you do, please do not suffer alone. Give the Office a call, or just ring me on the number below. There are volunteers ready to talk to you, give a virtual cuddle and help with practicalities such as shopping or technical help.

Shabbat Shalom

Stewart Spivack (ELELS Chair)– 07745 790869

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